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What is Romiman ?

Romiman is a competition for product managers. The company gives a product problem and the product managers solve it, then the company selects one or more winners who offer the best solution and awards a cash prize.

The company sets a product task with a reward for the best solution

The task is taken on by product managers from all over the world

Product managers publish their solutions on the site within a certain period of time

The company selects one or more winners with the best solutions and awards a prize

Product managers onboard

the value for companies

More for the same money

Get 10 times more solutions to your problem

Source of personnel for hiring

Count the assignment as a test and save time hiring a product manager

High level of solutions

Rating system and prize provide a good level of decisions

On-Demand Product Manager

Save on full-time employees when solving product challenges

Last competitions

competitions and statistics

Task for the ride-hailing service - Tablet in a taxi

10 solutions

1 winner


Task for the carsharing service - Filling up the car from the app

14 solutions

3 winners




Challenge from the bank - Animal Insurance

12 solutions

2 winners





From $590

for companies

  • solution in 2 weeks
  • access to all solutions
  • payment after receiving decisions


for product managers

  • 2 weeks to resolve
  • access to all solutions
  • cash prize and rating

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