Scaling the Google Ads advertising channel

I recently saw a performance of a startup project. There, the Manager said that now we have Google Ads, from there we get applications at the price of n, we optimize everything and over time we will receive applications at the price of n / 2. It seems to be a real case. If not for one small but. At the same time, they want to increase their budget and get 100x requests instead of x requests. And at the price of n / 2. This will not happen, you will not even get 10 requests at this price. The greater the reach, the further away the client is from us,the more expensive the click. You have to beat all the bids on the market and buy all the clicks. It will be, on the contrary, 10n, at least. Try other channels, the channel cannot grow indefinitely.

About the Author: Ivan Romimann

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