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How it works?

Romiman is a service for finding non-target phrases in Google Ads search campaigns  that contain negative keywords. AI analyzes the content and theme of the site, competitors, search query intent, and SERP. Based on this data, inappropriate user requests are detected. 


All you need to do is upload your search queries from Google Ads and upload them to our service, specifying some parameters.

Campaigns checked
Search queries have been analyzed
Negative keywords found


Save up to 10% of your ad budget

result in a couple of clicks

Increase your CTR

3-5 times cheaper analysis than manually


My story

Hey digital people! My name is Ivan. I’m Romiman’s founder. Together with the team, we make this product.


Why did I decide to make that product?

I’ve been working as a PPC specialist for 5 years. And once upon a time, when I needed to analyze 100,000 search queries and find negative keywords I decided that I must do something with that… and made this tool.


I hope, you can increase your ROMI and productivity with our help!

analysis examples*

*Examples based on demo data, not on real queries from PPC campaigns


"Very interesting Ivan. Really impressive"
Director of SEO Growth at HealthTap
"Very cool results by the partners you've used already."
Nick Morrissey
Director of Search at Verizon
"These recommendations are good. I got it now, Optmyzr data is mostly on conversions and your data is using AI and identifying queries that are not relevant to the business."
Sudheer Dayanand
Sr Director - PPC / SEO / Marketing Automation / Analytics / Media at Position²

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